Our History

founX® was born from a proven process that was tested, developed, and executed over a ten (10) year period.  The system was developed in the consulting industry by the company’s founders Steve Gran and Brian Cain.  We saw quickly that our success in consulting was based on our ability to keep up with multiple projects and thousands of action items and conduct sound, efficient meetings.  Steve developed a process using Microsoft Excel® that was previously known as The Meeting COMPASS®.  As our consulting practice grew into larger clients, we discovered a need for the software.  Partnering with Hedgehog Development, LLC in 2009, Steve and Brian met with Hedgehog managers Dan Galvez and Peter Madsen to develop the software. Since that time they have further developed and formed founX®.

We have thousands of users in multiple industries including retail, healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing, and distribution. Our customers are getting better results and saving time that can now be used for more valuable activities.

Our Founders